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During our constant tussle in fighting the Covid-19 pandemic, face masks are the need of an hour. Masks have become a crucial part of our day to day life but the intensive use of masks has induced a new type of acne called Maskne.

So do you feel itchiness and irritation near the area where you wear masks, do you have rashes or feel burning sensation in the same area? These all are the symptoms of the new Maskne. The cause of this newly arrived acne is the constant rubbing of masks with our skin thus the friction causes micro-tears which makes it easy for bacteria to enter and the dust particles to clog up the pores and excessive sweat and oil collected in the same region is one of the main reasons. The preventive measure is to use masks that are comfortable and made up of 100% cotton and hydrate your skin with facial moisturizer before and after using mask but the moisturizer should be paraben-free and non-greasy. You can also wash your face with gentle cleanser.


For more information regarding Maskne and the best products for treating it you can contact our senior Dermatologist and cosmetologist              Dr. Jitendra Saran, Saran Skin Clinic, New Delhi.