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Platelet Rich Plasma treatment is a type of procedure in which a patient's own platelets are used to improve the their hair growth and for skin rejuvenation .We use very thin insulin syringes to inject PRP solution into skin that makes it almost painless. Inside the skin , platelets release growth factors which make the hair shaft thickened, and hair grow faster.It stimulates collagen production,new vessel formation that leads to improvement of scar and skin surface.

In this procedure risks are minimum as we use patient own blood. There are no major post procedure complications ,no pain ,no redness,no swelling so that the patient can resume to normal life immediately after the session.

Platelet Rich Plasma treatment has multiple indications like alopecia ,hair thinning, androgenetic alopecia, acne scar, facial rejuvenation, striae ,skin ulcer and many more in the dermatology field.