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Mesotherapy is one of the most common aesthetic procedures used in our clinic.Mesotherapy is a process where bioactive substances are directly injected into the middle layer of skin known as dermis.Mesotherspy can be performed by two methods either invasive or non invasive .In invasive methods, meso solutions are directly injected into the skin . While, in non invasive method, which is also known as NO NEEDLE MESOTHERAPY ,in replacement to injection, electoporation, active current, hydrophoresis, ,cryophoresis mehtods are used. The advantage of these methods is that they are painless,no redness,no swelling and immediate response .

Nowadays, Mesotherapy is widely used for different indications like skin rejuvenation, skin hydration, skin glow, cellulite, double chin ,hairfall ,alopecia , telogen effluvium ,androgenetic alopecia ,fat loss,eye pads fat (injection lipolysis) etc. Mesosolution are made up of different ingredients like vitamins ,plant extracts,homeopathic medicines, pharmaceuticals,antioxidant and peptides.