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Chemical peeling is the technique of applying chemicals over the face, neck ,and other body parts to improve the appearance of the skin. In this technique we apply mild chemical agents like salicylic acid,glycolic acid, mandelic acid , retinoic acid ,phenol , vitamin C , kojic acid , trichloro acetic acid and many more chemical agents. These peeling agents damage to the superficial layers of skin in controlled manner which stimulates new regenerative skin cells which are smooth , less wrinkled and more even in color so it improve texture of skin as well as decreased pigmentation and scars.

Most chemical peels contain acid that is derived from plants like glycolic acid from sugarcane, malic acid from apple, and lactic acid from sour milk extra. Chemical peels are used in various indications like acne , acne scar, melasma ,freckles , dark circles, fine lines , wrinkles, pores, photo aging and for skin rejuvenation. The beauty of glycolic acid and kojic acid is that it works in almost all types of acquired pigmentation like melasma ,chloasma , blemishes ,lichen planus pigmentosa , dullness , Skin tanning.
Chemical peeling treatment demands post procedure care also, which includes proper follow up uses of moisturizer , sunscreen as well as extra precaution regarding avoid hair removal one week prior and later to procedure. Patients need to take care of sunlight exposure also and need to use mild cleanser only.